Northeast Two-Cylinder Club

The legend and lore of John Deere two-cylinder tractors.

Just cover 'em up.

I think it was around 1963, give or take. My uncle and I were baling hay. I was driving our John Deere model 50 and he was stacking bales on the wagon. We got a little too close to a wet spot in the field, and as you can guess we were stuck.

We decided we'd have to hoof-it back to the barn and get the model R to pull the 50, baler, and wagon out of the mud. As luck would have it, as we started down the road, the town road-grader came along. The driver was a nice guy and offered to help. He said "This thing never gets stuck. If I can't pull you out with it, you might as well just cover 'em up, 'cause you'll never get 'em out."

So he hooked the road-grader up to our rig and did his best, which was way short of good enough. We thanked him, and he was on his way saying "Well I don't know what your a gonna do now. Nothin's gonna get you out of that mess."

Well, I guess you can figure out what came next. We went back to the barn and got the R. There were only the two of us that day, so we didn't get any other tractor, figuring we'd just try the R next. Well that old R just pulled the whole rig out of the mud with what seemed like no trouble at all.

Mike Schroeder